On Going Activities In Furtherance Of Above Objectives

  • Awareness Generation, Organisation Building among Dalits, Tribals and Women and Federating Village level groups as a federation and promoting as mass based movement through networking Action Groups and People’s Organisation.
  • Working on the women rights especially the reproductive rights - women and health.
  • Working for the rights of differently abled person, particularly children.
  • Campaign against child labour, Bonded Labour, Female Infanticide, Feticide, Sex Selective Abortion.
  • Advocacy, Lobbying with officials, Member of Parliament, Legislative Assembly Members, Political Parties to bring about conducive changes in Act, legal statues, program and policies in favour of oppressed, exploited, gender justice and to prevent socio economic injustice concerning (Tribal, Women, Dalits, Child and Bonded Laborers)
  • Response to the Tsunami disaster in relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction through physical and mental health, livelihood support and impart the community through capacity building trainings in community level disaster preparedness and mitigation process.