About Us

Structure of the Organization
VRDP has general body, Executive Committee, and Office Bearers, viz. President, Secretary and Treasurer. Besides above three-tire constitutional frame, it has advisory body with experts on various development and policy and on human rights issues

Vision of VRDP
Egalitarian society where human beings live in unity without discrimination of caste, religion, race, sex and language and share all natural resources equitably for achieving dignity in life and prosperity for generations.

Mission of VRDP
The mission of VRDP centers around strategic process to facilitate socially economically; educationally; culturally and politically disadvantaged people especially dalit, tribal, and in a special way all women exploited both in the family and in the society to make them empowered through concrete socio economic educational and political initiatives.

The strategy pursued by VRDP is primarily to build and strengthen people’s organizations to people’s movement and followed by campaign, advocacy and lobbying.

Aim and Objectives – VRDP
  • To Generate awareness among rural poor especially indigenous tribal about rights and entitlements and empower them through awareness and organization
  • To preserve and Conserve the nature resource and livelihood and create environment awareness among the public mass.
  • To eliminate the inhuman practice of Bonded and child Labour system, ensure the rights to the differently abled person particularly children.
  • To generate awareness among women and Tribal; organize them as a group Federation and as a movement towards empowerment, self-reliance with gender justice.
  • To eliminate female infanticide – feticide, sex selective abortion and neglect of girl children
  • To Generate awareness about HIV/AIDS menace and effective intervention for its prevention and control
  • To respond for the disaster and involve in relief rehabilitation and reconstruction and generate awareness on disaster preparedness and mitigation process among community.
  • To create awareness and alternatives on Climate change.
  • To provide educational supports for rural poor mass.

Annual Flow Diagram

Annual Flow